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Jasmine received me in a very delicate moment. I underwent through an invasive medical procedure a week before my appointment with her and I had such a mix of issues at that moment that I could barely list. Jasmine was to get all of them just during her physical assessment, including the ones that I have forgotten to mention about.

Her approach was caring and professional, and using her experience she was able to redesign the treatment according to my needs on that moment. The answer was immediate and I can say that after the very first day of massage and acupuncture session I was free from pain for at least the next 24th.

The herbal medicine that I was prescribed to take boosted my level of energy to a point where I was able to manage work, studying, and perform physical activity a month later I started taking it. The detail is that, for at least the previous 6 months I could barely work.

I completely trust and recommend Jasmine's service and with no doubt she is my first choice anytime I think about health assistnace.

"Mali", Vancouver

Dr. Bae and her team descended from heavens to this Kingsway location as the healing angels!

The level of authenticity, humility and gentle caring is beyond what is normal or expected. I went there looking for acupuncture and herbal treatments and came away not only better in my health, but even looking better. Every other person I haven't seen for a while gives me a compliment... welcome comments for my middle aged female ego.

If you want physical treatments that combine the benefits of massage, acupuncture with or without Mugwort herb, moxibustion, herbal medicine for the body and have the option to extend them to cosmetic aspect of face care, this is the place. Season all that with enlightening conversations with Dr. Bae about anything from health, meditation, spirituality and even social revolution or poetry... every appointment is a treat for the mind, body, spirit (and face, if you choose)!!

Life long learning is her passion; healing is her calling. Everyone needs such an angel!

"Sharry S.", Burnaby

Dr. Jasmine Bae is amazing! I have been to quite a few Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists in the past and never really felt it did much good. A friend recommended seeing Jasmine, she changed my view on the benefits of acupuncture and cupping therapy. She really knows how to focus on the problem areas and provide release from tense and tight muscles. She is very professional, caring and easy to talk to. I am coming to Jasmine regularly for many years and have recommended her to many friends and family members and they have been so impressed with her, a lot of them are now regular clients of her. I highly recommend Dr. Jasmine Bae.

"Nazia Parveen", Surrey

I started going to Dr.Jasmine Bae in 2015 for treating my lower back pain. The treatment includes acupunture, tuina massage, cupping and point injection therapy. I'm pleased with the way Dr.Bae administering the treatment. She applies different methods of treament to help alleviate the pain. The pain has reduced. I'm now going to her on a monthly basis; initially, I received treatment every two weeks.

I certainly recommend anyone with back pain to try out Dr.Bae's treament.

"Nancy Leong", Vancouver

Being introduced to Dr. Bae and her clinic was such a blessing for me since I was struggling so much from a car accident earlier this year. After a few treatments of Dr. Bae’s professional and careful acupuncture treatments, my pains released, my mobility improved, and my body felt much lighter. 'Our body, as a whole, is one organism, so all parts are connected each other', she told me. Yes, I had a lot of pains from a lot of parts of my body after the accident.

Her treatments accelerated my recovery from the accident significantly, yet healed all other week and uncomfortable parts of my body, too.

"Julie Kim", Vancouver

I had a skin condition that had endured for 25 years, and Jasmine Bae healed it in two months… Amazing!

"Matthew M.", West Vancouver

I was just referred to Jasmine by my cousin, more than two years ago. I went to see her for my shoulder & back pain and the result of her treatment was better than I expected. Ever since, I have received regular treatments from her.

I find Jasmine to be a knowlegaable, skilled professional practitioner, who is genuinely kind, caring and empathetic. I have referred some of my friends to her. They were all very satisfied, and returned to her for further treatments.

"Shameen K.", Vancouver